Jackie Bannon
Looking for love and stepping into everything else
This is where you start to get into my head.  I'll warn
you right now that it's filled with sarcasm, laughter,
and situations a lot of us have experienced, much to
our disappointment.
The Jerk List - Every woman knows this story.  Girl
meets boy.  Girl falls in love with boy.  Boy disappears
without a word, making said girl feel like a disposable
Untitled - What does a woman do when she finds out the man she's
fallen for is investigating her for a crime she committed?  She gets even...
Untitled - Fresh starts aren't easy.  Especially when a judge orders you to
spend time with your soon to be ex-husband in the dream house you
didn't know existed.
Untitled - Love solves everything...except a flooded basement, being hit by
a car, and everything else Amy encounters while her boyfriend is
deployed.  Now she's got to learn how to stand on her own two feet and
how to ask for help.