What' s does a girl do
when she finds out the
man she's fallen in
love with is
investigating her for a
string of robberies she's

She gets even of course.
Five years ago, Nikki turned herself into the FBI fulling expecting to
spend the rest of her life in prison.  Instead, the government offered her a
deal - steal for them for seven years and she goes free.  

With only two years remain and
the temptation of freedom lurking,
Nikki is determined to follow every
rule, no questions asked.  She jumps
without asking how high.  She drops
everything at a moment's notice with
no questions.  She even decides to
forsake men,just to make sure nothing
screws up her chance.

She can almost taste her freedom when Camden walks into her life,
turning it upside down.  Not only does he refuse to leave, she discovers
she doesn't want him to - until she finds out he's investigation her for a
string of heists that weren't sanctioned and that she's been set up to take
the blame.
Jackie Bannon
Looking for love and stepping into everything else
Determined to find the truth, Nikki
runs, using her old contacts to find out
what exactly is going on and how she
can stay out of prison.  Which is not an
easy task with Camden chasing her half
way around the world as if he were a
Blood Hound.

He claims he wants to help her, but can
she believe the word of a man who lied
his way into her bed?  How can she when
she can't even tell if those late nights
meant anything  or if he'd seduced her
just to get the information he needed to
put her away for life?