Jackie Bannon
Looking for love and stepping into everything else
Growing up in the Midwest with
one parent from the country and
one from the city, I never really fit
in with either.  As an adult I've
learned that fitting in isn't all it's
cracked up to be.  Now I live in
Kansas City
.  There are several of
those here and I'm happy to say
that I've moved from
Barbieville to
the 'DOT'
I've always loved to read and began writing in high school.  But life got
in the way until 2005 when I decided to make the time to follow my
dreams.  What is that dream?  It used to be standing in a bookstore and
jumping up and down like a lunitic when I found my book.  Thanks to
the digital age, it's now to find my book on the web six months after it's

But until that day happens, I work as an environmental geologist and
write every chance I get.  A lot of my heroines are scientists because they
are easier for me to understand.  They are also spunky and outrageous -
again, like me.  In fact, I use a lot of my real life experiences in my books
because frankly, they are so outrageous that no one believes they are true

If you want to follow along on my escapades and don't mind sarcasm, you
can keep updated with my latest antics on my

Just to give you an idea, here are some quirky facts about me:

1.  If you ever see a short, redhead running
after a small creature for the perfect picture,
that was me.  As a result, I have several stories
(all true) involving critters.  FYI - getting bit
by a goose HURTS!

2.  I learned to repel when I was 15.  The instructor made me swallow a
life ant to take away my fear.  It worked because I felt the little shit
crawling up my throat the entire 200 feet down.

3.  My three favorite things are high heels that don't hurt my feet, bug
spray when I go camping, and Taco Tuesdays with the girls.

4.  I'd been dating my current boyfriend about a month when he asked
me to go to a military ball a few weeks away.  I told him that it probably
wasn't a good idea since we'd never last past 3 months.  We've been
together for o
ver two years now .  He's supplying a lot of material for
quirky things, yet another reason why I love him.  And yes, I went to the

5.  I've been camping in Alaska, spelunking in several places, and
snorkeling in Belize.  While in Belize, the boatman developed a crush on
me and decided to help me overcome my fear of sting rays (without my
knowledge).  When he placed chum on my stomach and had one eat it
off, my friends could hear me screaming under water.

6.  I was talking to an agent when a friend misunderstood something I
said. Right in front of the agent she asked me if I'd really said I took my
"dildo" to work with me.  That's when I started screaming "Steel Toes!  I
said Steel Toes!"

7.  I always go left when I'm lost, which I completely blame on video

8.  I make all major decisions by flipping a quarter.  It's the best way I've
learned to figure out what I really want to do instead of what I "should"

9.  Medallion hunts are the story of my youth, usually involving full
camouflage gear and running from the police.

10.  In 2010, I lost a lot of weight but proceeded to gain it all back.  I
call them my happy pounds, of which I'm determined to lose again.  Why
is it that when you lose weight and then it comes back, each pound
brings a friend?